Male Orgasms Without Ejaculation

It is possible for a guy to have a male orgasm without ejaculation. Most guys are very surprised when it happens and are not sure exactly what happened or why. Some guys do not even notice because they were engaged in intercourse when it happens. But most of the time the male orgasm feels a little different, so the guys know that something did not happen quite right. Once recognized, it is good to review a dry male orgasm guide. In this article we will discuss how retrograde ejaculation happens and some of the consequences from it. There are several ways to treat the problem and men should not become overly concerned when the problem occurs nor ignore it.  The dry male orgasm issue is not going to go away without proper treatment.

When a normal orgasm occurs, the ejaculate does not come out of the tip. The penis and the tubes that connect the testicles to the opening conduct a set of rhythmic contractions to produce the mixture and move it from the testicles and prostate out the tip of the urethra. These contractions are what most guys feel during a normal orgasm. Several things can happen to cause this process to go wrong and produce a retrograde ejaculation in which the ejaculate goes in the wrong direction. Therefore the ejaculate winds up in the bladder instead of out of the body. When this happens the sperm and semen will mix with the urine and cause it to turn a milky color. Therefore the guy should look at the urine the next time he pees. If the urine is milky, that probably means that the ejaculate went into the bladder and makes the diagnosis.

The biggest consequence of the dry orgasm is that it is hard to get a woman pregnant. This is a big issue for couple that want to have children. There are several options in this situation. The first is that a guy can have an extraction procedure done in order to get the sperm out. Then it is introduced into the woman so that it can mix with an egg. While this is safe, in can be uncomfortable. Another issue that a guy should consider is whether the sperm is being obstructed by a cyst or tumor. This normally causes some pain in the scrotum or testicles. The growth can be felt during an examination by a doctor. Sometimes a growth of the prostate can also cause problems with ejaculation. This issue can also be treated with medications to shrink the prostate. There are many different treatment options available to men suffering from this problem. Some may require small procedures while others can simply be taken care of with medications. It is always wise to consult a physician to determine the best course of action. This dry male orgasm guide provides good background information for anyone with male orgasm without ejaculation to know more about the condition.