Dry Orgasms and Retrograde Ejaculation

Dry orgasms and retrograde ejaculation can be very worrisome but generally are not a cause for immediate concern. If a guy experiences an orgasm that does not produce an ejaculate, there are a couple of things that he should look into in order to figure out what is going on. A lot of causes of a dry male orgasm are nothing to worry about and will resolve over time and not cause trouble. Other issues may need to be addressed more aggressively because they could be related to a more serious issue. In this article we will discuss some of the symptoms and causes of a the first dry orgasm and what to do about it. The most important thing to do is to pay attention to the symptoms in the body so that a guy can get any appropriate help and figure out what exactly is going on with the ejaculation.

In a dry male orgasm, the normal ejaculate that should come out the tip of the penis is not produced. Normally and mixture of sperm and semen erupt when a guy goes through an ejaculation. The penis and the tubes that connect the testicles to the opening of the penis engage in a set of rhythmic contractions to expel the mixture. This is what most guys feel during and orgasm. In the first dry orgasm, this does not occur.  Several things can happen to cause this. One of the primary things is that the sperm and semen go the wrong direction. Instead of heading out the tip of the penis, the mixture goes up into the bladder. In the bladder the sperm and semen mix with the urine and can cause it to turn a slight whitish or milky color. This adds to the normal yellow color of the urine. Therefore if a guy has an orgasm that does not produce any ejaculate, he should look at the urine the next time he pees. If the urine is milky, that probably means that some of the sperm and semen went into and that explains the problem with ejaculation. This retrograde ejaculation does not tend to be painful, but does have a slightly abnormal sensation to it that can be disconcerting.

Other causes of the dry orgasms should also be considered if there is no evidence that the ejaculate is going into the bladder. One of them could be that the tube are obstructed somewhere. This could be in the prostate or in the scrotum. It tends to not be an obstruction in the penis as the normal urine flow would be obstructed as well. This could be the result of growth in the prostate or another type of growth. Sometimes there are cysts or tumors that can cause this effect. These issues are normally accompanied by some pain or pressure in the scrotum or penis and therefore indicate the cause of dry orgasms and retrograde ejaculation.